Rennes trial the questioning of confirmed molecule

The expert committee to find the scientific cause of the accident that occurred in January at Rennes clinical trial in volunteers, confirmed that the molecule of the Portuguese Bial laboratory was involved either by direct action or indirectly. Based on the expertise and additional information provided by Bial in particular, “the committee confirmed that the mechanism behind the Rennes accident exceeded the only inhibition of FAAH,” in other words, the molecule acted not only on the FAAH enzyme that was targeted, but probably also on other brain enzymes that were not, says the national Agency of drug health (ANSM).

This is ANSM who had set up this temporary specialized scientific committee (CSST) on inhibitors of FAAH (Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase) after the dramatic accident at Rennes last January as part of a clinical trial with healthy volunteers. Six volunteers participating in the clinical trial phase 1 of this substance had been hospitalized in January and one of them had died. Four survivors had brain damage and another no. The accident “implies very likely the molecule itself, either by direct action or by means of a metabolite”, that is to say a product of the degradation of drug absorbed, will add -she.

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The test molecule “BIA 10-2474” laboratory was mostly referred pain. These findings were published a week after a “second and final meeting” of the committee. “Studies in animals (prior to human trials) were again examined in detail, including on the basis of additional evidence, but does provide no new information, particularly in terms of a mechanism of toxicity, “she said. The Agency states that “a complete report, which notably detail the preferred hypotheses to explain the toxicity of the molecule laboratory Bial, conclusions and recommendations of the committee, will be available soon.”

In their first report, the experts had speculated a dose accumulation effect administered in hospitalized volunteers, noting that the passage of a daily dose of 20 mg administered to a previous group to the 50 given to victims was “problematic”. Besides the molecule, they found a medical history of some volunteers (head injury for the deceased volunteer, hypertension in another hospital) which should have led to the spread of this clinical trial.


Caramel, Krema, Malabar becoming French?

Under the agreement, a “new group” would be established, gathering the brands concerned and “five production sites in France.” The famous and indestructible Carambar jokes, he spent several years ago in the bosom of the American Mondelēz, could return shortly under the French flag with the acquisition of ten confectionery brands by the investment company Eurazeo. Eurazeo announced Thursday hold “exclusive discussions” with the US group Mondelēz to redeem a gift basket of more than a dozen iconic names of the European confectionery: Carambar addition, these are brands Poulain, Krema, The Pie Qui Chante and Terry’s, as well as licenses pastilles Vichy, chewing gum and Malabar Rochers Suchard.

Under the agreement, a “new group” would be created combining the marks and “five production sites in France,” Blois located in Marcq-en-Baroeul, Saint Genest, in Strasbourg and Vichy. Marcq-en Baroeul, in the North, is the birthplace of Carambar hard caramel sticks to the exclusive recipe, packaged in pink and yellow in Toto jokes since 1954. Although they reached more than age because, the famous sweets remain on top of the legend of “bonbecs” and memories of childhood, as was demonstrated in 2013 their April Fool smoking: at the instigation of a marketing agency, the brand had announced the end of jokes for the benefit of small educational quiz. A press release explaining even carefully designed to support education, “we learn best by eating”.

“Thousands of evidence of love”

Consternation and excitement aroused by the announcement, until a petition of 180 employees confectionery Marcq-en-Baroeul on Facebook and comments sorry in most major TV shows, had caught up to its designers . As for Carambar candy, she explained she wanted to “give a boost to its brand” and have received back “thousands of proofs of love” consumer activist for saving more than achieved Objective jokes … . Is that Carambar, passed successively into the hands of the French group Danone and Cadbury British and American Kraft (which was split in 2012 Mondelēz) belongs whatever his passport to the national heritage through the playground.

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The possible amount of the transaction was not specified by Eurazeo, but according to the business daily Les Echos, this operation would reach $ 250 million. Eurazeo, according to Les Echos, would beat several competitors for this recovery, the European investment fund PAI and the German group Katjes, owner of Franco-Belgian confectioner Lutti. Virginie Morgon, Executive Director of Eurazeo, quoted in the press release of the company, stresses the “unique opportunity to revitalize and develop this legendary brand portfolio” and provides with this new group, to be “an attractive platform for other fine brands.”

After the repurchase agreement officially, it must be approved by the French competition authorities and the completion of the transaction will occur later in spring 2017, Eurazeo said. Eurazeo is a leading listed investment companies in Europe, and manages approximately EUR 5 billion of assets. It is found in very many areas, hotel real estate, fashion and food. She is the controlling shareholder or group of such reference qu’AccorHotels, Desigual, Elis, Europcar, Foncia and Moncler and was long the largest shareholder in Danone.

Viennese union building craftsmen sent a letter to Alain Rousset

The first blow came from Vienna. In February, the Viennese union building craftsmen sent a letter to Alain Rousset, new Socialist boss of Greater Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes. The tone is angry. Artisans blame the Poitou-Charentes region not to have paid on time for various public works. The unpaid bill would amount, according to Alain Rousset, to 132 million euros for the year 2015! “This goes a score of 2 000 for a carpenter to 270 000 for a construction company, says a leader of the Capeb the union in question. Two thousand euros for a region, it is not much, but for a single carpenter who has to pay his apprentice is a shortfall which threatens his business. ”

“This practice lasted for years”

In a long detailed letter published on 29 March, three close to Ségolène Royal, President of Poitou-Charentes from 2004 to 2014, launched against the offensive. Former elected regional council, they defend themselves by arguing, among other things, that the merger of regions, added to technical difficulties, has forced accounting to stagger payments. At Capeb, the explanation does not pass: “This is not the first time it is faced with unpaid of the Poitou-Charentes region. This practice lasted for years, and it has accelerated since about three years. But the companies did not dare say anything for fear of losing public contracts. “The Capeb therefore also seeks the presidency Segolene Royal. “These outstanding, it was a form of cavalry”, denounced Olivier Chartier, President of the Finance Commission (Republicans) of the new region. According to this former opponent of Segolene Royal, the former executive team of Poitou-Charentes repelled from autumn paying bills in order not to burden the current debt.

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Since the letter of the Capeb, the revelations are linked. Alain Rousset has also asked Ernst & Young to audit the accounts of the Poitou-Charentes region and the other two regions which he chairs. This report should be made public on 7 April. “The regional audit is currently drafting a report on what use is it to order another with taxpayer money? I calmly await the report of the regional chamber, “defends Yves Debien, former senior vice president of the Poitou-Charentes region and general rapporteur of the budget. For close to Ségolène Royal, these revelations strongly resemble a political Alain Rousset blow, which never wore Segolene Royal in her heart, and the elders elected Socialists and Republicans, in the Poitou-Charentes region. Cyril Cibert, former regional councilor PS, even considering filing a complaint for breach of trust.
toxic loans

Delinquencies are not the only oddities noted in recent days. It seems as Ségolène Royal was not always the cautious manager she tried to embody – “A euro spent is a useful euro,” she repeated like a mantra. She is shown as very adventurous to borrow. True, the region’s debt is measured (457 million euros at end 2015, or 214 euros per capita, which is very reasonable). But this sum, 130 million would, according to Alain Rousset, for their readiness “structured”, that is to say toxic. Valued by local elected until 2009, these loans were then framed. Reason: their rates could explode to the point of taking the throat communities. The Royal’s team, particularly its Chief services, Jean-Luc Fulachier, did he seem to resist this soft drug, according to the bank Dexia, the main purveyor of toxic loans, the region 2009 was the third most exposed of France (after Corsica and Auvergne), with over 65 million in structured loans Dexia …

An accounting document of the region also shows that several loans of 15 to 20 million were recorded 6F, the worst possible rating. So they were the most toxic, most risky, that prohibited marketing as from 2009. However, they still damage in the picto-Charentes accounts. In 2014, several toxic loans contracted before 2009, were ongoing, including a 20 million euros classified 6F at the rate of 9.35%! That year, the region has paid a little more than 1.6 million euros of capital for the loan, but also 781,000 euros in interest, or almost half the capital. Breathtaking! Jean-Luc Fulachier that Ségolène Royal had as a Mozart of public finances, we did not respond (it is now an adviser to the Minister of the Environment). “I note that Europe has us instead praised for the quality of our financial instruments,” defends his side Yves Debien. Will there even in a few years if rates rise?
Very expensive leasing

To avoid overburdening debt, at least in the early years, the Poitou-Charentes region is decidedly imaginative. In July 2010, she and invests in a rather curious way in ten TER trains. First she opts for a traditional purchase process for 72 million euros before tax, but exchange pile up a year later to “limit its debt,” as stated in a decision of 8 July 2011 the region chooses a leasing formula. Debt (just over € 70 million) is derecognised – that’s the rule. But he will have to pay, and expensive: the commitment “contingencies” in 2014 reported a total amount due (principal and interest) of about 134 million euros maturing, almost double the amount initially announced, and passed, in 2010! It is true that every year, the fees due from the region for ten oars weigh down almost 100 000 euros, and for the duration of the contract, or 34 years in total! This contract complements a previous lease contracted in 2007 for the purchase of 22 trains TER (invoice: € 220 million). Expensive, very expensive leasing …

Last curiosity raised: the interests of the region in various enterprises raw and loan guarantees it has made to them. Valued at over 93 million, these commitments are without doubt legitimate. After all, they represent a strategy shared by other regions, support for the local economy. But some investments decided by Ségolène Royal appear risky. Already, many of these businesses have closed as Eco & Mobility, Buroform or Mia. The latter company, after Heuliez, was held at arms length by Ségolène Royal with millions euros (12 in total). She put the key under the door just a few months. Farewell electric car made in Poitou-Charentes. Farewell, too, the millions invested in a sector of the electric car, which has never been possible. During his ten-year presidency, Ségolène Royal has not stopped praising the “laboratory” of Poitou-Charentes. In tax matters, some experiments explode to Figure taxpayers.

Belgium no arrest after the police operation in Kortrijk

A Franco-Belgian anti-terrorist operation in connection with Kriket Rida took place on Thursday. Investigators found no explosives or weapons. A Belgian-French police operation took place Thursday in Kortrijk (northwestern Belgium) related Kriket Reda, a man indicted in France for a planned attack “imminent”, but did not lead to any interpellation, said the Belgian federal prosecutor. “A search was conducted on land located in Marquette Marke, near Kortrijk,” said the prosecutor in a statement, adding that it was conducted by a “joint investigation team of Belgian and French police”. A spokesman added that the operation had resulted in “no arrests” and that investigators had found “no explosives or weapons.”

The operation took place in the residential area of ​​Rodenburg, along the E17 highway south of this Flemish town near the French border, which had been cordoned off by the police and the army. Military, armed with metal detectors and with dogs searched the area around a house in this neighborhood and its surroundings, including a small wood and a field near a petrol station on the motorway service area , reported an AFP photographer. Onlookers were kept away from the area searched by police barriers.

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Reda Kriket, a French 34, was indicted Wednesday for criminal association in connection with a criminal terrorist organization by a Paris judge after six days of detention. Already convicted in Belgium in a terrorism case and believed to have stayed in the ranks of the jihadist organization Islamic State (EI) in Syria Reda Kriket was arrested March 24 in Paris. In the apartment he occupied, police had found assault rifles, handguns and explosives, including TATP, improvised explosive favored by the jihadists of IE.

Upon his arrest, the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had announced the “defeat” of a “planned attack in France led to an advanced stage.” “At this stage of the investigations, if any precise projected target has been identified, while nevertheless suggests that the discovery of this cache has prevented the commission of an action of extreme violence by a terrorist network ready to take action, “said Wednesday the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins.

In Belgium, two men, Abderrahmane Ameuroud and Mr. Rabah, arrested Friday in Brussels, were charged in connection with that network. Another alleged accomplice Reda Kriket Anis Bahri, was arrested Sunday in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Some 45 kilos of 7.62 caliber ammunition, the kind used with Kalashnikovs were found at that time.

Foiled attack in France that said Reda Kriket in custody

These are ten interviews in which Reda Kriket multiplies about mysterious and contradictory. According to TF1, which had access to the minutes of the procedure, Reda Kriket, 34, defended himself of plotting a terrorist attack on French soil. Heard for the first time Friday, March 25 evening by officers of the Directorate of Internal Security (RPS), the Islamist announces at the outset: “I have nothing to do with the attacks in Paris and Brussels. ”

The man is described as a simple “curio seller” and said not realize “what happens.” Adding however: “Sometimes it itches me to speak. “The man knows wanted by the Belgian police and holds a false passport. It was he who, in the summer of 2015, had rented an apartment in Argenteuil in which police found a real war arsenal last week during searches. Him swear not to own weapons: “I was given the money to take the apartment for a year rental. They gave me about seven or eight thousand euros (…) I was responsible for finding an apartment and keep it, and also to keep what was inside. (…) I was sleeping in the apartment even if it disgusted me with all that was in it, but I had no choice because I was wanted by the police, “he said, according comments reported by TF1.

“I like the Corsican model”

Reda Kriket after 24 hours of hearings, will eventually deliver the “Kounia” (the name of war) of weapons delivery mysterious: some Abu Badr, a “Libyan Maghreb or” over 50 years, speaking evil French. Reda Kriket swear not to know his true identity, claims not to know if he was a part of the EI or not, but ensures that it is no longer on the French territory. He says he was influenced by the charisma of the caller and have done research on explosives because he ordered him. “I can not refuse,” he confesses.

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“Nothing came out of the apartment,” said Reda Kriket, which explains why most of the material found in the apartment was intended to organized crime and not to commit acts of terrorism. The man says that he is gone in Turkey late 2014 that to follow his former partner and to look after “a chat” found on site … Finally, Reda Kriket swear the police that he is not part of Daech and prefers the “Corsican model”: “they blow things, big houses, but they do not kill people. “

No candidate had dredged youth as François Hollande

No candidate had dredged youth as François Hollande. “Does that young people will live better in 2017 than in 2012? I ask to be assessed solely on this commitment, this one truth on that one promise. “At Le Bourget, on 22 January 2012, one that was still a candidate for the presidential election were released violins and trumpets to seduce the youth of France. Quite simply, it was his “top priority”. He would give her everything he had sworn. A renovated school, work galore and a sumptuous ministry.

Four years later, the same Hollande can claim to have succeeded in getting the urge youth, yet firmly rooted, to vote left. According to our latest barometer Ipsos-Le Point in March 2016, the action of the head of state collects only 18% approval rating among 18-24 year olds. Similarly, electoral Cevipof survey published by Le Monde on March 31 reveals that only 7.4% of the age of 35 are satisfied with the Netherlands Presidency. Another lesson from this study: the first-time voters (18-21 years) is now positioned more right than left, some not hesitating to consider a vote FN: 27-28% of newly registered on electoral lists declare their readiness to put a ballot in favor of Marine Le Pen. And sociologist Anne Muxel concluded: “The former tropism left is disappearing.”

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As if François Hollande had foreseen, he took his vows Youth in January to remind that he has been busy since his election. “We have increased the jobs of the future, introduced the young warranty, ease access to housing, also permission for the students, means to continue their education, increased grants, facilitated access to Erasmus for Young apprentices and that mobility is a chance. “But, by his own admission,” this is not enough. ”

And now a little over a month later the labor code reform bill arises, igniting in a few seconds youth. Accused of driving straight to the casualization of workers, El Khomri law tightens school and university students. Ten years after the stack CPE, the events are held, further enlarging the gap between Holland and youth. If the break is confirmed, it will be the first time a candidate left can not count on that part of the electorate.

After the constitutional review, a further decline in labor law?

On the left, you cannot imagine another abandonment. But, right, we already feared “the worst” after the downturn on constitutional revision. “The right has managed to bend Holland, the left is more divided than ever for nothing in the end. It smells bad for the events. “This close to elect Manuel Valls is in disarray. Even in the head many members of right, the decline of Francois Hollande on constitutional revision Wednesday is “ominous” for the other great text of the moment: the labor law.

In the ranks of the left, hard to imagine that the president or the government dares a new “retreat” on the El Khomri law in a year of presidential elections. “It would be the worst scenario before 2017, but it is not a surprise to close with them,” sighs yet a socialist cacique. The deputy of the Charente-Maritime, Olivier Falorni, says François Hollande has understood the lesson: “The boomerang forfeiture comes back in her face. A new drop would be irreparable. “Same story in Razzy Hammadi, deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis:” We noted the choice of president not to conduct further constitutional revision. We move on now, that is to say the labor law. We will go through. ”

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Remains to right the hypothesis of a clean campaign in retirement is stirred like a red rag. “It would be irresponsible, unworthy of French who elected. His term will summarize then to a series of failures, “castigates Valérie Boyer, MP Republicans of Bouches-du-Rhône. His colleague Philippe Gosselin, Member of Normandy, wonders even with amusement, “Oh, because the president can still dig deeper? ”

Yet much has been done to “gut the text El Khomri” analyzes the Vice President Isabelle Le Callennec Republicans, for whom the government’s method is almost similar to that undertaken for the draft constitutional law. “The text on the labor law has had a first version which was in line companies globally met the right, but has left the headwind. Then the government changed it for fear of further divide his majority. There is now a version 2 of which nobody, not even the Socialists, does not seem to agree, “says the member Ille-et-Vilaine.

Thursday, the labor law is again shaken by a social movement of great magnitude. More than 200 parades, demonstrations and rallies are planned across France, with strike notice filed at EDF, Air France, Total, in air traffic control in the public service, trade, press, ports and docks , casinos … a test of the street which, if successful, will not be without consequences for the majority. Worrisome several close members of the Prime Minister: “The slingers will believe unbeatable.”