Yannick Agnel a clock error, and that the private swimmer Olympics

He cannot defend his title. After a long imbroglio, Yannick Agnel has finished 3rd in the 200 meter freestyle Wednesday of France Championships, which will prevent him from participating in the Olympics in Rio in individual, confirmed the French Federation in the evening.

Doubt hovered all evening on the classification of Agnel: 3rd, as had been announced initially and finally confirmed, or second, as he was convinced. In the latter case, he would have retained a chance of being drafted to defend his title at the Olympics, which is no longer the case after the confirmation of his 3rd place. “I confirm the classification established, strengthened by the jury of appeal,” said late night Umpire Denis Cadon with President of the French Federation, Francis Luyce. The jury met after an appeal by the Agnel coach Lionel Horter, who contested 3rd place assigned to her foal.

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The imbroglio began in the end of the race, won by Jeremy Stravius ​​(1: 46.18). For an hour, doubt hovered over the final ranking of Agnel (1: 46.99). The only certainty at this point: he had not completed the required minimum for direct qualification and could not rely on a draft to go to the Games, and this only in case of 2nd place.

“For me, I am the second, it was pretty clear”

After this period of uncertainty, Agnel was first officially awarded 3rd place, synonymous farewell to the Olympics. Then the podium was suspended for the meeting of the Jury of Appeal, which was finally confirmed. “This problem has never happened to me is never even happened at all in the Olympic trials. It is dramatic enough for the Olympic trials, “lamented the champion even before his 3rd place was officially confirmed. Despite the results of the stopwatch, many observers felt qu’Agnel had indeed been second to touch the plate before POTHAIN Jordan (ranked second in 1: 46.81).

“For me, I am the second, it was pretty clear,” Agnel said again. “All the people I met told me that I had obviously touched second, rather broadly, and there was no doubt. I think the word. “Although private Agnel’s Olympics in individual, he still has another chance to participate, via the French relay.

Champion of the world in 2013, the swimmer did not happen in the best of Montpellier after having chained as well means lap times throughout the season. His best time of the season was thus 1: 47.28 in early November in Dubai. The London Olympics in 2012, he became the first swimmer in the history of the French swimming to glean two gold medals in the same Olympics in 200 meters and 4 x 100 freestyle. Stravius, either, did not pass the time required for direct qualification, but first place allows him to aim for a draft.


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