Viennese union building craftsmen sent a letter to Alain Rousset

The first blow came from Vienna. In February, the Viennese union building craftsmen sent a letter to Alain Rousset, new Socialist boss of Greater Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes. The tone is angry. Artisans blame the Poitou-Charentes region not to have paid on time for various public works. The unpaid bill would amount, according to Alain Rousset, to 132 million euros for the year 2015! “This goes a score of 2 000 for a carpenter to 270 000 for a construction company, says a leader of the Capeb the union in question. Two thousand euros for a region, it is not much, but for a single carpenter who has to pay his apprentice is a shortfall which threatens his business. ”

“This practice lasted for years”

In a long detailed letter published on 29 March, three close to Ségolène Royal, President of Poitou-Charentes from 2004 to 2014, launched against the offensive. Former elected regional council, they defend themselves by arguing, among other things, that the merger of regions, added to technical difficulties, has forced accounting to stagger payments. At Capeb, the explanation does not pass: “This is not the first time it is faced with unpaid of the Poitou-Charentes region. This practice lasted for years, and it has accelerated since about three years. But the companies did not dare say anything for fear of losing public contracts. “The Capeb therefore also seeks the presidency Segolene Royal. “These outstanding, it was a form of cavalry”, denounced Olivier Chartier, President of the Finance Commission (Republicans) of the new region. According to this former opponent of Segolene Royal, the former executive team of Poitou-Charentes repelled from autumn paying bills in order not to burden the current debt.

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Since the letter of the Capeb, the revelations are linked. Alain Rousset has also asked Ernst & Young to audit the accounts of the Poitou-Charentes region and the other two regions which he chairs. This report should be made public on 7 April. “The regional audit is currently drafting a report on what use is it to order another with taxpayer money? I calmly await the report of the regional chamber, “defends Yves Debien, former senior vice president of the Poitou-Charentes region and general rapporteur of the budget. For close to Ségolène Royal, these revelations strongly resemble a political Alain Rousset blow, which never wore Segolene Royal in her heart, and the elders elected Socialists and Republicans, in the Poitou-Charentes region. Cyril Cibert, former regional councilor PS, even considering filing a complaint for breach of trust.
toxic loans

Delinquencies are not the only oddities noted in recent days. It seems as Ségolène Royal was not always the cautious manager she tried to embody – “A euro spent is a useful euro,” she repeated like a mantra. She is shown as very adventurous to borrow. True, the region’s debt is measured (457 million euros at end 2015, or 214 euros per capita, which is very reasonable). But this sum, 130 million would, according to Alain Rousset, for their readiness “structured”, that is to say toxic. Valued by local elected until 2009, these loans were then framed. Reason: their rates could explode to the point of taking the throat communities. The Royal’s team, particularly its Chief services, Jean-Luc Fulachier, did he seem to resist this soft drug, according to the bank Dexia, the main purveyor of toxic loans, the region 2009 was the third most exposed of France (after Corsica and Auvergne), with over 65 million in structured loans Dexia …

An accounting document of the region also shows that several loans of 15 to 20 million were recorded 6F, the worst possible rating. So they were the most toxic, most risky, that prohibited marketing as from 2009. However, they still damage in the picto-Charentes accounts. In 2014, several toxic loans contracted before 2009, were ongoing, including a 20 million euros classified 6F at the rate of 9.35%! That year, the region has paid a little more than 1.6 million euros of capital for the loan, but also 781,000 euros in interest, or almost half the capital. Breathtaking! Jean-Luc Fulachier that Ségolène Royal had as a Mozart of public finances, we did not respond (it is now an adviser to the Minister of the Environment). “I note that Europe has us instead praised for the quality of our financial instruments,” defends his side Yves Debien. Will there even in a few years if rates rise?
Very expensive leasing

To avoid overburdening debt, at least in the early years, the Poitou-Charentes region is decidedly imaginative. In July 2010, she and invests in a rather curious way in ten TER trains. First she opts for a traditional purchase process for 72 million euros before tax, but exchange pile up a year later to “limit its debt,” as stated in a decision of 8 July 2011 the region chooses a leasing formula. Debt (just over € 70 million) is derecognised – that’s the rule. But he will have to pay, and expensive: the commitment “contingencies” in 2014 reported a total amount due (principal and interest) of about 134 million euros maturing, almost double the amount initially announced, and passed, in 2010! It is true that every year, the fees due from the region for ten oars weigh down almost 100 000 euros, and for the duration of the contract, or 34 years in total! This contract complements a previous lease contracted in 2007 for the purchase of 22 trains TER (invoice: € 220 million). Expensive, very expensive leasing …

Last curiosity raised: the interests of the region in various enterprises raw and loan guarantees it has made to them. Valued at over 93 million, these commitments are without doubt legitimate. After all, they represent a strategy shared by other regions, support for the local economy. But some investments decided by Ségolène Royal appear risky. Already, many of these businesses have closed as Eco & Mobility, Buroform or Mia. The latter company, after Heuliez, was held at arms length by Ségolène Royal with millions euros (12 in total). She put the key under the door just a few months. Farewell electric car made in Poitou-Charentes. Farewell, too, the millions invested in a sector of the electric car, which has never been possible. During his ten-year presidency, Ségolène Royal has not stopped praising the “laboratory” of Poitou-Charentes. In tax matters, some experiments explode to Figure taxpayers.


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