No candidate had dredged youth as François Hollande

No candidate had dredged youth as François Hollande. “Does that young people will live better in 2017 than in 2012? I ask to be assessed solely on this commitment, this one truth on that one promise. “At Le Bourget, on 22 January 2012, one that was still a candidate for the presidential election were released violins and trumpets to seduce the youth of France. Quite simply, it was his “top priority”. He would give her everything he had sworn. A renovated school, work galore and a sumptuous ministry.

Four years later, the same Hollande can claim to have succeeded in getting the urge youth, yet firmly rooted, to vote left. According to our latest barometer Ipsos-Le Point in March 2016, the action of the head of state collects only 18% approval rating among 18-24 year olds. Similarly, electoral Cevipof survey published by Le Monde on March 31 reveals that only 7.4% of the age of 35 are satisfied with the Netherlands Presidency. Another lesson from this study: the first-time voters (18-21 years) is now positioned more right than left, some not hesitating to consider a vote FN: 27-28% of newly registered on electoral lists declare their readiness to put a ballot in favor of Marine Le Pen. And sociologist Anne Muxel concluded: “The former tropism left is disappearing.”

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As if François Hollande had foreseen, he took his vows Youth in January to remind that he has been busy since his election. “We have increased the jobs of the future, introduced the young warranty, ease access to housing, also permission for the students, means to continue their education, increased grants, facilitated access to Erasmus for Young apprentices and that mobility is a chance. “But, by his own admission,” this is not enough. ”

And now a little over a month later the labor code reform bill arises, igniting in a few seconds youth. Accused of driving straight to the casualization of workers, El Khomri law tightens school and university students. Ten years after the stack CPE, the events are held, further enlarging the gap between Holland and youth. If the break is confirmed, it will be the first time a candidate left can not count on that part of the electorate.


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