Geoffroy Didier and the hand of Sarkozy

This morning we return to Geoffroy Didier’s candidacy in the primary from the right. Because his motives were not as transparent as it. Officially, it was heard everywhere. The young vice president of the Ile-de-France advocates renewal. But his candidacy is a mystery that triggered a real surprise right. Geoffroy Didier primary presidential candidate of the right, there is indeed something to be surprised. First, because the presidential primary aims, as its name suggests, to nominate a candidate for the presidential.

A priori, it is hard to imagine this blond lawyer of 39 years – in the face of young first subscriber to the news channels tv trays – holder, tomorrow, in 2017, the secret code of the nuclear weapon reserved for the tenant of the Elysium. But after all, why not to the point where we are. What surprises even more is that Geoffroy Didier, is a pure strain Sarkozy. Consider that in 2007, ten years ago, when Nicolas Sarkozy was pretending to rake left to get elected to the Elysee, Geoffroy Didier found himself leader of a ghostly association “sarkozystes left … “of course!

A few years later, when his hero agreed with the right, and even quite right, especially under the influence of Patrick Buisson, Geoffroy Didier founded the Right Forte, the current of the most right-handed sarkozystes. In short, it’s called a good soldier, tidy right. If Geoffroy Didier is a good soldier Sarkozyism, so as a favor to his mentor that he would run in the primary. This is the explanation that some on the right were quick to give yesterday. Of course, officially, Geoffroy Didier said and repeat, he has accused person nor Sarkozy nor even his guardian, Brice Hortefeux, before declaring. But in reality, a leader of leading Republicans is sure Didier would be led by Brice Hortefeux which he is still very close … for stopping the candidature of Bruno Le Maire.

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The mayor is on the rise in the polls and the great distress in the Sarkozy camp is that soon exceed the former President and imposes principal challenger Alain Juppe. Geoffroy Didier candidate is a contender for Mayor on the niche of modernity and renewal. A competitor may sting of the vote to Mayor and slow its progression in the polls. But all these small calculations especially bode well for the atmosphere of the primary right. As one close to Alain Juppe, announced that all primary, it will be … “a beautiful mess”! With Didier and after Juppé, Fillon Le Maire, Cope, Mariton, NKM, Morano, Lefebvre and fish, so we here at ten candidates! For the moment…

Chez Bruno Le Maire, in any case, we judge that if the application is supposed to help Geoffroy Didier Sarkozy is rather bad beginning. “They are calling for help from a colleague collaborator of Sarkozy! “Parliamentary balance. “The nomination of Didier mean that even among sarkozystes, we think it’s a mess and that everything must change! “Adds another. Especially, seeing the animation starts right each of these new applications to primary, we can not wait, can not wait, as soon embark Claude Gueant … and Patrick Balkany, right?


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