Foiled attack in France that said Reda Kriket in custody

These are ten interviews in which Reda Kriket multiplies about mysterious and contradictory. According to TF1, which had access to the minutes of the procedure, Reda Kriket, 34, defended himself of plotting a terrorist attack on French soil. Heard for the first time Friday, March 25 evening by officers of the Directorate of Internal Security (RPS), the Islamist announces at the outset: “I have nothing to do with the attacks in Paris and Brussels. ”

The man is described as a simple “curio seller” and said not realize “what happens.” Adding however: “Sometimes it itches me to speak. “The man knows wanted by the Belgian police and holds a false passport. It was he who, in the summer of 2015, had rented an apartment in Argenteuil in which police found a real war arsenal last week during searches. Him swear not to own weapons: “I was given the money to take the apartment for a year rental. They gave me about seven or eight thousand euros (…) I was responsible for finding an apartment and keep it, and also to keep what was inside. (…) I was sleeping in the apartment even if it disgusted me with all that was in it, but I had no choice because I was wanted by the police, “he said, according comments reported by TF1.

“I like the Corsican model”

Reda Kriket after 24 hours of hearings, will eventually deliver the “Kounia” (the name of war) of weapons delivery mysterious: some Abu Badr, a “Libyan Maghreb or” over 50 years, speaking evil French. Reda Kriket swear not to know his true identity, claims not to know if he was a part of the EI or not, but ensures that it is no longer on the French territory. He says he was influenced by the charisma of the caller and have done research on explosives because he ordered him. “I can not refuse,” he confesses.

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“Nothing came out of the apartment,” said Reda Kriket, which explains why most of the material found in the apartment was intended to organized crime and not to commit acts of terrorism. The man says that he is gone in Turkey late 2014 that to follow his former partner and to look after “a chat” found on site … Finally, Reda Kriket swear the police that he is not part of Daech and prefers the “Corsican model”: “they blow things, big houses, but they do not kill people. “


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