Belgian Justice approved on Thursday the delivery to France Salah Abdeslam

Belgian Justice approved on Thursday the delivery to France Salah Abdeslam, Key suspect of attacks that killed 130 people in Paris on 13 November, according to a statement from the Belgian federal prosecutor. “The transfer is permitted,” wrote prosecutors, reminding qu’Abdeslam itself – a French Belgian who was arrested on 18 March in Brussels – wished to be transferred to France. “The Belgian and French authorities decide after consulting the terms of this surrender,” it is specified.

The request for surrender to the French authorities was discussed Thursday by the Council Chamber of the Brussels appeal court, a court of inquiry sitting in camera. Abdeslam but was not extracted from the Bruges prison (northwest), where he is incarcerated, a judge of the federal prosecution went on site throughout the day to hear. “Given the explicit consent of Salah Abdeslam being handed over to French authorities, had yet to be heard by a federal judge according to law,” said the prosecutor. “The hearing of the council chamber is moot, the surrender of the person being accepted,” do we added the same source.

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Salah Abdeslam seems the core network of the jihadist group Islamic State (EI) which sowed death in Paris and Brussels. According to the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, he “had a central role in the constitution of November 13 commandos” participating “in the arrival of a number of terrorists in Europe” and “in the logistical preparation of these attacks “.

And he at least conveyed that evening the bombers of the Stade de France, outside Paris. Himself, in his first statements after more than four months on the run, played down his role. He also said he “wanted to blow himself up at the Stade de France” before “backtracked” according to Francois Molins. But investigators are wondering if it was not quite responsible for the attack in the north of Paris mentioned in the claim of EI but that has not occurred.

His arrest seems also according to investigators, have precipitated the triple suicide bombing at the airport and in the Brussels metro. In the apartment in the Belgian capital which left the airport assailants, police found explosives and wondered if Abdeslam was supposed to participate in attacks, perhaps with other targets.
“The man in the hat” always sought

A computer was also abandoned in a garbage can in the street this stash: his analysis is still ongoing, shows that its owner had researched particular about offices and the residence of the Belgian Prime Minister and Parliament. “But that does not mean at all at this stage we consider that they were targets, and there is a threat to these places,” Did we assured source close to the investigation. One or more suspects are sought after Brussels attacks, including the “man in the hat”, the third airport bomber who left before the two suicide bombers will detonate. The reopening of Zaventem airport continues to be pushed back by the day since the blasts. It is now “technically ready” for a partial resumption of passenger traffic, but no commercial flight will not take place before Saturday.

Sign that the terrorist threat continues to hang over Europe, a new Belgian-French police operation was conducted Thursday at Kortrijk, in the northwest of Belgium, in the separate investigation into a plan of attack foiled in France . No arrest has been made and investigators have found no weapons or explosives. French court had indicted Wednesday the main suspect of this “imminent terrorist action,” the French Reda Kriket, and men in connection with this matter are also imprisoned in the Netherlands and Belgium.


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