An arsenal seized in a man who was preparing for the end of the world

The police seized, among other things, a 12 mm caliber shotgun, four Molotov cocktails, a plaster grenade, cartridges and chemicals. A man of 22 who claims to survivalism was taken into custody after the discovery at his home in the Paris suburbs, weapons and chemicals, does said Thursday, police said, confirming a report Parisien. During a search Wednesday morning, the police seized a 12 mm caliber shotgun, four Molotov cocktails, a plaster grenade, eight 12 mm caliber cartridges and chemicals, said a police source. This is an anonymous tip that led officers from the Chessy, in Seine-et-Marne, home of the former military, seller by profession, who lives with his mother in Serris.

In a second raid Thursday morning, made at the request of prosecutors of Meaux, the police seized a second set of weapons whose possession is not illegal, as a crossbow, rifle and another large hunting knives . Food stocks were also discovered at the home of the suspect who explained during his detention that the weapons were intended to allow him to survive several weeks in the forest disaster, natural or political.

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As for the chemicals, he mixed to manufacture smoke, he justified his detention by paintball. The suspect, who had been unlawfully detained for procedure weapons there two years, should be referred Friday to the prosecutor of Meaux. The police source said the suspect belonged to no group and that he had initiated alone in survivalism, practical survival independently in nature in an end view of the world.


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