After the constitutional review, a further decline in labor law?

On the left, you cannot imagine another abandonment. But, right, we already feared “the worst” after the downturn on constitutional revision. “The right has managed to bend Holland, the left is more divided than ever for nothing in the end. It smells bad for the events. “This close to elect Manuel Valls is in disarray. Even in the head many members of right, the decline of Francois Hollande on constitutional revision Wednesday is “ominous” for the other great text of the moment: the labor law.

In the ranks of the left, hard to imagine that the president or the government dares a new “retreat” on the El Khomri law in a year of presidential elections. “It would be the worst scenario before 2017, but it is not a surprise to close with them,” sighs yet a socialist cacique. The deputy of the Charente-Maritime, Olivier Falorni, says François Hollande has understood the lesson: “The boomerang forfeiture comes back in her face. A new drop would be irreparable. “Same story in Razzy Hammadi, deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis:” We noted the choice of president not to conduct further constitutional revision. We move on now, that is to say the labor law. We will go through. ”

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Remains to right the hypothesis of a clean campaign in retirement is stirred like a red rag. “It would be irresponsible, unworthy of French who elected. His term will summarize then to a series of failures, “castigates Valérie Boyer, MP Republicans of Bouches-du-Rhône. His colleague Philippe Gosselin, Member of Normandy, wonders even with amusement, “Oh, because the president can still dig deeper? ”

Yet much has been done to “gut the text El Khomri” analyzes the Vice President Isabelle Le Callennec Republicans, for whom the government’s method is almost similar to that undertaken for the draft constitutional law. “The text on the labor law has had a first version which was in line companies globally met the right, but has left the headwind. Then the government changed it for fear of further divide his majority. There is now a version 2 of which nobody, not even the Socialists, does not seem to agree, “says the member Ille-et-Vilaine.

Thursday, the labor law is again shaken by a social movement of great magnitude. More than 200 parades, demonstrations and rallies are planned across France, with strike notice filed at EDF, Air France, Total, in air traffic control in the public service, trade, press, ports and docks , casinos … a test of the street which, if successful, will not be without consequences for the majority. Worrisome several close members of the Prime Minister: “The slingers will believe unbeatable.”


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