63 years old Patrick Henry remains detained for nearly 40 years

Patrick Henry, detained for nearly forty years for the murder of a child, was again denied Thursday the benefit of parole by the Court of Appeal of Paris. Sentenced in 1977 to life in prison, the prisoner of 63 years, in the 1970 symbol of the fight against the death penalty, hoping for a second chance of reintegration after the failure of its first release in 2001, after twenty five years in prison.

The court responsible Melun sentences had granted in January, but on Thursday the Court of Appeal of Paris has estimated that the detainee, one of the oldest and most famous in France was not ready. The judges considered Patrick Henry reintegration projects “not very concrete and tangible” and felt he “had yet to perform real work on himself”, “deep” Has to sources judiciary.

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“I’ll fill me on points today,” warned its solicitor, Ms. Carine Delaby-Faure, very angry against a “courageous decision and not much in the zeitgeist,” open debate in France on the sentenced to life without parole. Magistrates continue, she said, to see in Patrick Henry a “symbol”, “without question the conditions of his release” failed in 2001.

“It’s a difficult time for Patrick Henry”

On January 7, the application tribunal sentences of Melun, where he is detained, had granted him a new release better together, subject to passing a probation course of nineteen months. Patrick Henry had convinced the judges to have learned from his relapse, especially after six years of psychotherapy business after his return to prison in 2002. But prosecutors had immediate appeal, saying the project “not enough framing” . It planned to grant furloughs to Patrick Henry about three months and then drive the six months in a parole center in Lille and follow the ten months under electronic bracelet, before the establishment of parole itself with a follow seven.

“It’s a difficult time for Patrick Henry, even if it has a shell and is protected against this decision,” said his lawyer, saying he “still has the energy to continue.” Since 2002, Patrick Henry has already presented three other parole applications, one had already been accepted by the court in 2007 before being released after a call prosecutors, according to his lawyer Lille. A mercy petition was also rejected in 2014.
Model prisoner became a computer

After his release in 2001, became computer model prisoner had broken his image after his arrest in Spain in 2002 with 10 kilos of cannabis, bringing him in prison until today. Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1977 for the murder of Philippe Bertrand, a child of 7 years, Patrick Henry had narrowly escaped the death penalty, including through the pleading of his lawyer Robert Badinter.

The case, the sordid and cynical abduction against ransom, had provoked in France emotion and unprecedented controversy at the time. The child had been strangled the day after the kidnapping, January 31, 1976, hidden under the bed of a hotel room rented by Henry, who was then left for the weekend with friends. Kept once to view and released, he explained to the press that he would kill the murderers of children. The body was found on 17 February. “France is afraid,” launched the same evening Newscaster, Roger Gicquel. At the assizes which had saved his head, Patrick Henry replied: “You will not have to regret it.”


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